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Embraer Legacy 450 Sets Transatlantic Speed Record between the United States and Europe

Geneva, Switzerland, May 30, 2018 – Embraer’s Legacy 450 medium cabin business jet set a new speed record on a recent flight between Portland, Maine in the United States and Farnborough in the United Kingdom, according to the U.S. National Aeronautic Association (NAA). The record-setting flight occurred on March 7, 2018, with two pilots and two passengers on a ferry flight of Embraer’s new Legacy 450 demonstrator aircraft, which debuted at EBACE with new seat designs and the lowest cabin altitude in its class (5,800 ft.).

The flight departed at 9:25 a.m. (EST) from Portland International Jetport Airport (KPWM) and landed at Farnborough Airport (EGLF) at 8:30 p.m. (GMT), achieving an average speed of 521.89 mph (840 kph).

The Legacy 450 landed with fuel reserves in excess of those required for NBAA IFR as well as for critical operations. The flight lasted six hours and five minutes, covering a distance of 2,756 nautical miles (5,105 km).

The Legacy 450 has a full range capability of 2,904 nm (5,378 km) with four passengers and NBAA IFR Reserves, and it can operate at up to Mach 0.83 with an altitude ceiling of 45,000 ft. The aircraft’s cabin altitude is the lowest in its class, at 5,800 ft. The aircraft’s environmental control system also preserves a sea-level cabin altitude while flying under 27,050 ft.

The NAA has confirmed this flight as a U.S. record and the flight data along with air traffic control documentation has been submitted to the Federation Aeronautique Internationale for validation as a world record.

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Sobre o Legacy 450
The Legacy 450 is a medium cabin business jet with a best-in-class 6-foot-tall flat-floor cabin. The Embraer DNA Design of the cabin includes four fully reclining club seats which may be berthed into two beds for complete rest in a 5,800-foot cabin altitude. The optional in-flight entertainment system consists of a high-definition video system, surround sound, and multiple audio and video input options. Voice and data communications options are also available, such as Gogo’s air-to-ground AVANCE L5 and Viasat’s Ka-band solutions. The cabin includes a refreshment center at the entrance, a rear private lavatory with a vacuum toilet and an in-flight-accessible baggage area. The total baggage space is the largest in the aircraft’s category.

O Legacy 450 é o primeiro jato executivo de sua categoria equipado com sistema de comandos de voo eletrônico full fly-by-wire, manche lateral de controle (sidestick) e a suíte de aviônicos Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion em quatro telas planas LCD de alta resolução, de 15,1 polegadas, completamente digital, além de funcionalidades como cartas e mapas eletrônicos Jeppesen e visão sintética. Recursos opcionais incluem o E2VS (Embraer Enhanced Vision System), que contém o HUD (Head-Up Display) e o EVS (Enhanced Vision System).

The Legacy 450 is powered by two advanced, fuel-efficient Honeywell HTF 7500E turbofan engines, the greenest in their class. With four passengers and NBAA IFR Reserves, the Legacy 450 is capable of flying 2,904 nm (5,378 km), which enables non-stop flights from San Francisco to Honolulu, São Paulo to Bogotá, Moscow to Mumbai, New Delhi to Singapore, Singapore to Beijing, Beijing to Kuala Lumpur, or Hong Kong to Alice Springs.

Sobre a Embraer Aviação Executiva

Embraer is one of the world’s leading executive jet manufacturers, having entered the business aviation market in 2000 with the Legacy jet, which led to the launch of Embraer Executive Jets in 2005. Its portfolio, among the broadest in the market, consists of the entry-level Phenom 100EV and the light Phenom 300E jet, the medium cabin Legacy 450 and Legacy 500, the large Legacy 650E, and the ultra-large Lineage 1000E. Embraer Executive Jets’ global fleet exceeds 1,200 aircraft, which are in operation in more than 70 countries and are supported by the Company’s global Customer Support and Services network of over 70 owned and authorized service centers, complemented by a 24/7 Contact Center, at its headquarters, in Brazil. For more information, visit

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Sobre a Embraer
Empresa global com sede no Brasil, a Embraer atua nos segmentos de Aviação Comercial, Aviação Executiva, Defesa & Segurança e Aviação Agrícola. A empresa projeta, desenvolve, fabrica e comercializa aeronaves e sistemas, além de fornecer suporte e serviços de pós-venda.

Desde que foi fundada, em 1969, a Embraer já entregou mais de 8 mil aeronaves. Em média, a cada 10 segundos uma aeronave fabricada pela Embraer decola de algum lugar do mundo, transportando anualmente mais de 145 milhões de passageiros.

A Embraer é líder na fabricação de jatos comerciais de até 150 assentos e a principal exportadora de bens de alto valor agregado do Brasil. A empresa mantém unidades industriais, escritórios, centros de serviço e de distribuição de peças, entre outras atividades, nas Américas, África, Ásia e Europa.

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