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Embraer entrega seu 1100° jato executivo

Melbourne, Florida, USA, May 4, 2017 - Embraer delivered today its 1,100th business jet. The milestone aircraft is the industry’s best-selling Phenom 300, and the customer is NetJets, the world’s largest private aviation company, with a portfolio of services that includes fractional ownership, jet cards, aircraft management and charter.

“Embraer scored the four-digit mark in business jet deliveries in an impressively short period of time. NetJets has been integral to our success story by co-creating a premium product to meet the discerning tastes of their distinguished Owners,” said Michael Amalfitano, President & CEO of Embraer Executive Jets. “We are committed to delivering the most value to our customers, with superior products that offer a unique combination of comfort, performance and operating costs, coupled with an unmatched experience throughout their journey, including the best customer support in the industry.”

With over 670 customers flying 1,100 aircraft in more than 70 countries, Embraer’s business aviation division has accumulated a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19% since 2002, when the first executive jet model was delivered. In 2016, Embraer’s market share represented 18% of the industry’s global deliveries.

“The Phenom is one of the most outstanding light cabin jets in the industry. It meets our Owners’ and our own high standards for performance and safety, and offers custom enhancements for well-appointed travel,” said Adam Johnson, Chairman and CEO, NetJets. “We are proud to have Phenoms in our fleet, and we’re excited to celebrate this milestone delivery with our industry partner.”

Embraer’s broad product portfolio is uniquely positioned in terms of the overall value proposition, combining comfort, technology, performance, economics and reliability. Its fleet is supported by the top-ranked service solutions, as confirmed by independent market surveys.


Sobre a Embraer

Empresa global com sede no Brasil, a Embraer atua nos segmentos de Aviação Comercial, Aviação Executiva, Defesa & Segurança e Aviação Agrícola. A empresa projeta, desenvolve, fabrica e comercializa aeronaves e sistemas, além de fornecer suporte e serviços de pós-venda.

Desde que foi fundada, em 1969, a Embraer já entregou mais de 8 mil aeronaves. Em média, a cada 10 segundos uma aeronave fabricada pela Embraer decola de algum lugar do mundo, transportando anualmente mais de 145 milhões de passageiros.

A Embraer é líder na fabricação de jatos comerciais de até 130 assentos e a principal exportadora de bens de alto valor agregado do Brasil. A empresa mantém unidades industriais, escritórios, centros de serviço e de distribuição de peças, entre outras atividades, nas Américas, África, Ásia e Europa.

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